Favorite Chancel CHALLENGE – January

Chancel Challenge

Raise Your Voice


January Chancel Challenge: “Raise Your Voice”
This month we are giving our choir member advocates a voice to educate us choir peeps about CRUMC & non-CRUMC missions that we have an opportunity to support.


Tzu Zoo Rescue (shih tzu rescue)

Ways to help:
(1) Cash Donations – TzuZoorescue.com
(2) Adopt a dog
(3) Foster a dog

Corky Geist (214) 682-3056  corkygeist1@hotmail.com


Family Promise
(providing support & shelter at our church for homeless families in our community)

Ways to help:
(1) Volunteer at quarterly rotations
(2) Provide meals
(3) Provide gift cards (Gas or Walmart) $25


Kristina Stacey  stacey.kristina@gmail.com  (214) 762-1725          
Tracy Praestholm  tracy.praestholm@mci-group.com  (972) 839-0088