Favorite Chancel CHALLENGE – April

April Chancel Challenge is “A Promise to our Children”

This month is Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention. Our focus will be Family Promise along with our church, Custer Road United Methodist Church, and the Children’s Advocacy Center.

  1. Pray for these children and pray for these families and pray for our church.

  2. Donate by clicking on any links below.

    1. Children’s Advocacy Center

    2. Custer Road United Methodist Church (Operating Fund, Family Promise, etc)
      or (if thru texting: Text the word GIVE to 972-366-4488)

  3. Spread the Word (thru Social Media).

Mark your calendars, Sunday, April 26 is Blue Sunday.
This day has been set aside for churches to pray for abused children.

Favorite Extended Rehearsal Night – 4/8

Wednesday, April 8th:

Please be ready to go at 7:00pm and be prepared for rehearsal to run late.  This is our final Wednesday night before Good Friday and we will be practicing with the Orchestra!!

Please plan accordingly!

Maundy Thursday – 4/9

THURSDAY, April 9th
Service at 7:30pm

Join Rev. Jack Gibson and the Revelation Youth Choir Senior Class of 2020 for a Maundy Thursday worship service.
The seniors will perform their traditional reenactment of the Last Supper.
This is a unique way for your whole family to experience the Last Supper and Holy Communion.


Favorite Good Friday – 4/10

FRIDAY, April 10th
Service at 7:30pm

The Chancel Choir is singing for this service. 

* Please be robed and ready by 7:00pm.

* Please park in the lot across the street from the church.

* Help is also needed in the Sanctuary at 7pm to light candles.