Blessing of the Animals in 2015 with Connie Ager, Rev. Sharon O’Connor, and Jimmy Ager




Connie Ager, an awesome Alto, born in Dennison, Ohio, wanted to be a band director when she grew up.  Connie graduated from Kent State University with a BA in Business Administration after attending night school for eight years.  Before retiring, she worked for Dell in Human Resources. Connie currently volunteers in helping Virginia Compton at Custer Road UMC with the Shelby church attendance system and running data reports.

Living the retired life, Connie loves spending time with her cute miniature dachshund, Jimmy. “He senses my moods and if I’m not feeling well, will lay down with me and snuggle to help me feel better,” she said. “Dogs give unconditional love and ask very little in return. He needs his kibbles, a few tasty treats, walks twice a day and a lap. Life is simple but good!”

Her favorite place for traveling is Ireland. With Irish descent, Connie feels like she is at home there. She is planning her next trip in mid-May back to Kinsale, a small village in County Cork southeast of Cork. She will attend the Methodist church in the area (where John Wesley visited a couple of times) and rekindle friendships she made in 2014.

Connie carries a great phrase she heard on a recent cruise, “Don’t be a tourist; be a visitor”, and applies it to every journey she takes.

“A visitor wants to meet people, eat the food and experience the country and culture. A tourist goes back onboard the ship for lunch!” Food for thought: What if we all approached walking through the choir room doors in the same way – being open to talking to people (regardless of the section) and experience “the love in the room?”

Connie joined Custer Road UMC in 2009, when she thought the Chancel Choir was so good that it must require auditions. With the season of Lent upon us, Connie says she tries to be more kind and thoughtful during Lent, showing love for others. Her favorite scripture is the Beatitudes because “the verses have special meaning when you are going through a difficult time.” Looking through the hymnal, Connie’s favorite hymn is “Let Us Break Bread Together” because she loves Communion and the beautiful music, especially the echoing Alto line.

Submitted by Kara Shrum
March 2, 2017