“Genesis,” one of Janell Wimberly’s calligraphic masterpieces.
She said this is one of her favorites and it was exhibited a few years ago.





Janell Wimberly, a super Soprano, and section leader, was born on July 29 in Salem Oregon with one brother. She has been married for 35 years and she advises married couples to “always remember: he’s your best friend first and foremost, don’t make money an issue and trust in God.”

In remembering her favorite trips, she enjoyed her journey to England, Ireland and Scotland in 1989. She went to England with a friend to take a calligraphy seminar workshop for seven days and traveled around to other places, enjoying the people and sites.

Some people have the gift of using the concept of art and color to create a message even more powerful than words can express. Janell described calligraphy as it started as a hobby, but kept getting bigger and bigger (literally). She has created pieces for large corporations as well as individuals, nonprofits and herself for exhibits and contests.

“I enjoy calligraphy because of all the new techniques, tools and ideas my contemporaries come up with and scribes are the most ‘sharing’ of artists,” Janell said. “When I see things in nature that have a calligraphic base, I like to see if I can imitate something of the natural quality of calligraphy. Knowing that calligraphy is a specialty, no one executes the same hand identically, which makes scribing so unique compared to fonts on a computer.”

Designing and executing “antique” maps for one of her clients producing biblically based videos has been one of Janell’s most challenging and rewarding projects.

With the Lent season upon us, Janell said she has tried giving something up for 40 days, but it usually fails or she feels it is a “duty” instead of a blessing.

“It seems better to make a pledge or vow to try to do something for someone else or change the way I look at situations that includes patience, kindness, peace and other attributes that Jesus Christ possesses,” Janell said.

Janell started going to Custer Road after a friend told her about Tim Morrison and made a point of introducing them one Sunday.

“I love my choir family. We all care about each other and look to support and pray for all in need and strive as a group to help others as well,” Janell said. “From sharing ourselves and lives in Rome to the Sing and Serve tours to all of our Easter, Christmas and Good Friday services and singing in small groups, it’s better than being a member of a heavy metal band!”

Rock on, Chancel Choir!

Submitted by Kara Shrum
March 8, 2017