Bob and Pam Peterson at the last night Gala in Rome with Chancel Choir in 2014.




Pam Peterson, an awesome Alto, is well traveled – her dad being in the Air Force. She lived in a number of different places (Vermont, New York, Germany, New Mexico, Alaska and then Texas) all before graduating from high school in Sherman.

Pam said she thinks her childhood fueled her love of traveling, which she shares with her husband, Bob, of 44 years. She has traveled to parts of Canada, Europe (London, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, Latvia, Estonia, Italy, Greece, Turkey and St. Petersburg, Russia) as well as Scandinavia (Norway, Denmark and Sweden) and the Orient (China – where she studied Chinese embroidery – and Korea).

“Each country and culture has a uniqueness all its own, and I love traveling so I can learn new cultures and visit with the people,” Pam said. “We are all so different, and yet in so many ways, we are so much alike! I don’t really have a “favorite” place to travel, but one of my most memorable trips was our choir trip to Rome, which also marked my 50th year of singing in a choir!

Pam is very proud of her daughter, Katie, and her newest family addition, Luke Elliott, her grandson. Katie’s husband, Eric, is an A-10 pilot in the U.S. Air Force.  Katie is a full-time mom, and she is teaching Luke baby sign language.

Before retirement, Pam was a commercial real estate paralegal for 32 years and spent her last 10 years working for Trammel Crow Company. After she left Trammel Crow Company, she consulted for various law firms across the country until Katie got involved in horseback riding, when Pam retired to become a full-time mom.

“We spent many hours during the week and especially on weekends at riding lessons and horse show competitions, and I fell in love with horses and began working with several rescue horses and taking classes on communicating with horses,” Pam said. “There’s something incredibly special about being around a horse and learning how to develop a trusting relationship with such a magnificent animal. These were some of my favorite times!”

With being fully immersed in the Lent season, Pam reflects on her religious experiences. She has given up some of the “usual” things, like chocolate and caffeine, but that didn’t feel very “special” to her. After hearing a sermon on Christ giving Himself so deeply and completely, her focus shifted.

“My focus during Lent changed from ‘giving up’ to ‘immersing myself’ in all that Christ taught and modeled. Especially during Lent, I try to ‘give myself over’ to Him, to really reflect on who Christ wants me to be in Him,” Pam said. “My experiences as a Stephen Minister have taught me a lot about sacrificing my time and getting out of my comfort zone in order to really serve another person in desperate need of unconditional and non-judgmental love, support and care.”

Pam also teaches the Finding Our Way Sunday School class, and has been a part of Chancel Choir for a little over 17 years. She loves the feeling of being part of a family, especially since all of her family is spread out around the country.

“I’ve developed many beautiful friendships and precious memories. I love singing, being challenged by Tim with new and different types of music, and reaching out to the congregation through music to glorify God,” Pam said.  “I feel very blessed to have that special gift and the opportunities it brings.”

How are you inspiring others to “immerse themselves” in Christ’s model of love and mercy this Lent season?

Submitted by Kara Shrum
March 29, 2017